A Loyal Soldier

I missed this one over the weekend. Fortunately, Iraq Report caught it:

Iraqi leader Saddam Husseyn reportedly escaped a recent assassination attempt when a military pilot tried to bomb a presidential palace while the Iraqi president was present, according to a 8 October report by the Kuwaiti daily “Al-Qabas.” The paper reported, “The MiG-23 had taken off from Al-Bakr base, 50 kilometers from Baghdad on Monday [7 October] to take part in a bombing drill on targets east of the Tigris River, but the airman veered off…immediately when the drill started, speeding toward Saddam’s palace, located on Al-Tharthar lake.” The MiG was reportedly then struck down with a Strella missile that was fired from the ground. “Al-Qabas” also reported that the pilot was arrested and that Saddam Husseyn supervised his interrogation.

Oh, I bet he did. “A little lower with the electric wire, Achmed — you’re blocking my view.”

Don’t get too excited about any coup in Iraq. The bold ones are either already dead, or waiting for US armor and Special Forces to arrive. That MiG-23 pilot was just stupid.