Two Losers for the Price of One Non-Scandal

Tom Daschle wants George Bush to apologize for saying, “the Senate is more interested in special interests in Washington and not interested in the security of the American people.”


Daschle claims Bush is trying to “politicize this war. We ought not politicize the rhetoric about war and life and death.”

Well, that’s not quite true. Bush was speaking of Senate inaction on the bill creating a Department of Homeland Security. The rest of Bush’s statement said, “I will not accept a Department of Homeland Security that does not allow this president, and future presidents, to better keep the American people secure.”

Daschle loses points for being a crybaby and misrepresenting what the President said. Bush loses points for using such invective to force action on a bad bill creating a useless, but possibly oppressive, new Federal bureaucracy.

They can both go to their rooms without supper.


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