Whatever Happened To...?

StrategyPage reports that Sharon’s “intolerable” incursions into Palestinian areas are having the quite tolerable result of, well, preventing terror attacks:


Raids into Palestinian territory and constant improvements in screening traffic between Palestinian and Israeli areas has continued to prevent terrorist attacks. Attempts are still being made and intercepted.

There’s more, all of it interesting.

What I find most interesting is that the IDF is having such success without crippling the Israeli economy. Yes, it’s expensive, and yes, a real peace would make them (Jews and Arabs) much richer — but, at least they’re functioning.

Also interesting is Palestinian near-capitulation. Fewer suicide bombers are getting through, but there are also far fewer bombers trying. The overall level of violence has ebbed considerably — thanks entirely due to Sharon’s intransigent stance.

Whatever happened to those Idiotarians who were screaming that electing Sharon would lead to total war?


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