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Road Trip

Need further proof that VodkaPundit is an idiot? Here it is.

Tomorrow, I report to the dive shop no later than 5:30AM. We'll drive five hours to Santa Rosa, NM for our PADI Open Water Diver certification.

Normally, that's four dives over two and a half days, followed by the five hour drive back home. That's just too damn sensible for my tastes.

So in the same short time bookended by the same long drives, I'll be getting my basic cert and my Advanced Open Water cert.

Why the Advanced cert? Well, Melissa is a pretty serious diver, and I'd like to be, so I figure our someday our kids will, too. So it makes some sense to have one of us trained as a Rescue Diver -- and you have to complete Advanced before you can take Rescue.

But none of that chages the fact that I'll be trying to do a total of nine dives and 650 miles of road in about 65 hours. Did I mention the water at Blue Hole is a chilly 61