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New David Warren. Need I say more?

Well, OK — here’s a taste:

It is hardly being reported, but there are currently daily skirmishes over the “exclusion zones” in northern and southern Iraq. Planes from the U.S. and Britain have stepped up missions considerably, and their purpose seems to be to gain intelligence on Saddam Hussein’s military dispositions.

In addition, the U.S. has established a substantial special forces presence in eastern Jordan near the border with Iraq — close to the principal concentration of Iraqi Scud missiles (aimed probably at Israel). This U.S. deployment has been fairly obvious; it is designed to force Saddam to show his hand, by moving his own western defences in response to the threat.


Jordan? Really? I have it on good authority that Jordan has (for reasons of survival) long played on both sides of the terrorist fence (Worst. Metaphor. Ever.), but this kind of cooperation with the US is new, and, if true, very, very big news.

There’s a fine highway that runs from Amman to Baghdad. For the last ten years, refugess and oil-smuggling tanker trucks have run west across that road.

How about 3rd ACR take that road east?

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