Horton Hatches a Policy

Still doubt that W meant what he said and said what he meant? From today’s Jerusalem Post:

US President George W. Bush yesterday reiterated his backing for Israel’s re-occupation of Palestinian towns until the general security situation improves. “I said in my (June 24 Middle East) speech as security improves, I also will call upon the Israelis as security improves to allow for more freedom of movement by the Palestinian people,” Bush told reporters at a late-day White House news conference, which he used to urge Congress to wrap up unfinished legislative business before the August recess.

Asked again if he is perfectly comfortable with Israel’s presence in the West Bank, Bush said: “I would hope that everybody got the message that we all have the responsibility to fight off terrorist attacks, yeah.”


Say what you will about Bush (you know I have), but the guy won’t let Israel down.


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