Troll Bait?

A.C. Douglas says that Mike Hendrix and I are both schmucks. He’s wrong, of course.

Some Schmuck Blogger, playing Major-league, Scoop-’em-all, Real Journalist, has just posted a private communication (an eMail) that could very well be a legit piece of critical logistical information that could accurately telegraph to this country’s enemies a major move by our military (no, they’ll be no links in this squib, and no further details), and another blogger, with a fairly large readership, not only congratulated the schmuck, but linked to the post in question — which I guess makes him a schmuck as well.

Haven’t these schmucks heard we’re at war?



Reporting classified Pentagon material is certainly illegal and possibly treasonous. But sharing anecdotal civilian information that’s freely available is nothing but pure speculation — and something the other side is already doing, and with better sources.

Lighten up, A.C.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention — yes, I added the hyperlinks to A.C.’s stuff. Information wants to be free, ya dig?


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