Found this one at UPI from a link at LGF seen originally at Winds of Change.

You still with me? OK, good. Ralph Peters, novelist, retired Army intelligence officer, and prognosticator of the first order, recently spoke to reporter Jenni Chew.


Here is a choice bit from the report:

“…(T)he apocalyptic terrorist fears, despises and hates females,” writes Peters, citing Mohammed Atta, the leader of the Sept. 11 hijackers, whose written testament, found during the investigation of the hijackings, “perfectly captured the Islamic fanatic’s revulsion toward women.”

The change in the role of women in modern times “is the greatest sociological change in all of known history, the transition of women from property to partner,” said Peters. The entry of women into the education system, the work force and the military represented a change that “revolutionized the human efficiency of our society,” Peters said. “This human efficiency of different races, religious groups, ages, and above all, different sexes … is a phenomenal revolution.”

Read the whole thing, because there’s much more you need to know. But after reading at least that snippet, be glad the Belicose Women are on our side.


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