Reinforcing Failure?

Over at the Washington Post this morning, IAEA director Mohamed El Baradei explains dirty bombs, and why they aren’t so threatening.

Give a big hand to the good folks at WaPo, for bringing their paper boldly forward into last May, when our own Steven Den Beste first defused this very issue.


The funny part is that El Baradei thinks we’ll be comforted, not by the science of dirty bombs, and not by US and allied forces killing those who would irradiate our cities, but by his own silly bureaucracy.

The good news, in brief, is that governments and the IAEA are working overtime on this problem, and we have every intention of continuing until the threat has been vastly reduced. But this will not happen overnight; bringing the global inventory of radioactive material under proper controls will require a sustained and concerted effort.

In other words — leave the job to those who have already mostly bungled it, and give us more money, too.


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