He's As Mad As Hell and He's Not Going to Take This Good Stuff Anymore

Link found on Bill Quick’s DailyPundit.

The Boston Globe just hates Bush’s new Middle East policy. So, do you still hate it, too, Chris?

Here's Shooting at You, Kid.The United States yesterday abandoned its historic role as mediator in the Middle East – at least for now. In calling on the Palestinians to elect a new leader to replace Yasser Arafat, President Bush chose to see the conflict as another battlefield in the war on terrorism that could not be solved by diplomacy.

And Bush sided squarely with Israel in what he called its fight against terror.

The call for a new regime echoes Bush’s insistence on the ouster of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, whom Bush wants out by any means. In essentially declaring Arafat a barrier to peace, Bush raised concerns among some analysts that the United States would actively work to change regimes as a way to resolve disputes in the Arab world.


No offense to The Spoons Experience, a great blog with a great new look, but Chris has this one all wrong. He focuses on the filler, while ignoring the meat. Look at the actual demands made on each side, and forget about the political noises — they’re just sugar to help some very nasty medicine go down.

UPDATE: Tal G reports even more negative reaction from Palestinians to the Bush Anti-Plan. The Saudis hate it, the PA hates it, the Syrians hate it — why do some warbloggers hate it?

Tal also has this scary picture of a Palestinian kindergarten graduation.


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