Hayman Fire, Saturday

Saturday Fire MapNice and cool last night — but it’s another hot and dry one today. That’s going to make things tough as fire crews try to get the rest of Hayman under control.


A new map format today. The gray area shows the extent of the fire, the yellow-orange bits are the most active, uncontrolled burns.

And, yeah, they’re still headed this way.

My buddy Dave used to live in Woodland Park, about 30 minutes northwest of here. He used to throw the best parties. Big house, huge deck, steamy hot tub, unihibited women, and all the Jell-O Shots you could eat.

The view from the deck was nothing but trees, gorgeous homes, and thousands of feet of granite. There was always a line for the really big bathroom in the hall, but you heard a lot more moans in there than water. Can’t forget the New Years party a few years back, where I got so hungover I couldn’t drive home until 4pm the next day. Dave and my other buddy Dave, showing off for their girlfriends, would make crepes Suzette in the morning for the survivors.


I live at about 6,100 feet. Woodland Park is up at about 9,000 feet. Talk about a gorgeous drive. Highway 24 takes you between Pike’s Peak and the mountain just north of it, up through a twisty, wooded pass. The air gets thinner, cooler as you drive. Try it in a convertable — that smell is what they mean by “cool pine.”

The fire is only about ten miles away from Dave’s old place.


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