Metaphysical Blogging Cunundrum

Where the hell am I supposed to link Lileks?

Does he go in with the Cover Charge group of actual paid writers with real bound books and stuff who don’t need the hits?


Or, like Glenn and Steven & Co., is he Top Shelf stuff — even though what he does isn’t exactly a blog?

A Cosmopolitan, with his business trips to NYC? G&T because of the dry humor? Micro Brew for the midwestern charm? These are questions that have plagued me since I re-did the links a couple weeks ago.

So after the usual hemming and hawing, it comes down to two things. First, I’m really sick of having to scroll down so far on my own damn page, just to get to Lileks. Second, he replies to my infrequent emails as promptly as he’s able, and always with more kind words than I deserve.

I’m bumping you back up, Lileks. Don’t thank me — this is me thanking you.

UPDATE: Damnit, now I feel guilty having Virginia and Brink and Jeff down there, too. Suggestions, please.


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