Predictable, But Good

Krauthammer publishes a day early this week, saying what needs to be said about Palestinian statehood:

Of all the mendacity that pollutes Middle Eastern discourse, this is the worst. It assumes that the listener is not only stupid but also amnestic. Two years ago at the Camp David summit, in the presence of the president of the United States, the Palestinians were offered an end to the occupation — a total end, a final end — by the prime minister of Israel. They said no. They said no because in return, they were asked to make peace.

Remember? The mantra thrown at the Israelis for decades was “land for peace.” It turns out Arafat wanted the land, but at Camp David, as always, he refused to make peace. The reason innocents are dying every day is not because of the occupation but because the Palestinians believe they can get (as Hezbollah got in Lebanon) land without peace.




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