Not Quite a Cosmo Test

World's Smallest Political QuizGareth Parker leads the way to a kinda sorta new political chart.

It’s called Your Political Compass, and it charts Economic Freedom on the traditional left/right horizontal line, and Cultural Freedom on a authoritarian/libertarian vertical axis.


It plots me a little too close to center for my tastes, but I wasn’t always happy with the answers provided to the questions.

If you want to try something similar that takes half the time, check out The World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Same idea, quicker execution. You can finish it in under a minute. My results are the ones in the graph here.

NOTE: The Quiz is sponsored by a libertarian group, so the results are somehwat self-selecting, even though almost 1.5 million people have taken it. But — it’s curious that the smallest group represented is “right-conservative.”


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