The Nukes of August?

Every pundit seems to know just what the solution is to keeping (creating?) the peace between India and Pakistan. Nicolas Kristof, as you might guess, is no different.


Reporting from Islamabad, Kristof finds plenty of blame to go around:

Everybody here is behaving irresponsibly. Both India and Pakistan are cavalierly playing with nuclear fire and brutalizing the Kashmiris they claim to be championing, while the Bush administration intervenes tardily to defuse crises rather than taking the initiative to prevent them from occurring in the first place. If a new August 1914 is to be definitively averted, President Bush must show continuing interest in the region when it is hot and also when it is not. But judging from his lack of engagement in countries not in the headlines, I wouldn’t bet that he will.

If foreigners find the United States to be too meddlesome, it isn


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