It Might Last Too Long, But At Least It's Boring As Hell

MSNBC may finally have completed its quest to become both totally useless and constantly annoying.

The NYT reports that the struggling news network has signed on charisma-free lefty Bill Press and rabid anti-you Pat Buchanan to host a news & comment program weekday afternoons.


The new show will be two hours long. Two hours of Bill Press and Pat Buchanan, without even the morbid fascination of watching the two make out.

Which leads to an important question: What the hell is wrong with MSNBC? CNN didn’t even want Bill & Pat on for 30 freakin’ minutes. Buchanan’s audience consists of drunk Irishmen looking to learn some new fighting words, and the only person who enjoys listening to Bill Press is his wife — when she needs a quick insomnia cure.

Two hours of those two? I’d rather endure two hours of Fox’s Sheppard Smith making up embarrassing nicknames for me. For that length of time, I’d rather watch CNN’s Judy Woodruff model lingerie, and she’s no spring chicken. Two hours would be better spent rubbing pork rinds into your eyes.

In other words, the new show might not be very good.


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