Another Late Night Rant

Yet another Affirmative Action case is going to the Supreme Court, but Thomas Sowell sees no reason to celebrate, even if the ruling ends up “favorable” to his conservative desires:


There may be more of the same this time, with the High Court trying to square the circle or split the difference, and ending up with five votes for a ruling based on nothing more than a need to get five votes. In other words, the whole issue is unlikely to be resolved on Constitutional principles and more likely to be left a festering sore, for the sake of expediency.

Yeah, I’m a small-l libertarian — but I’m no fanatic on this issue. Sure, Affirmative Action is a mean-spirited, unconstitutional attempt to punish the sons for the sins of the grandfathers. Yeah, it has to go. But we have bigger fish to fry — and not all from the left bank of the stream.

But, those who call themselves conservatives, or libertarians, or classical liberals, or freedom-lovers must work to clean our own houses first.

Want to get past left-liberal claims that you’re hypocritical? Then work to abolish corporate welfare before abolishing food stamps. All the new jobs created will help ensure no one needs food stamps first.


Work first to promote free trade before you call for right-to-work laws. Increased foreign competition will help neutralize the power of unions.

Two front wars are difficult, costly, and more prone to failure. So scale back or call of the drug war before expanding the Terror War to every Arab nation.

While I don’t subscribe to it, there is wisdom to be found in the Bible. While we’ll never be without sin, that doesn’t mean we should give stones to our political opponents.

Besides, cleaning our own house first will help us clean their clocks later.


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