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Alert Reader Jim Meidell writes in:

Steve….just to stoke the flames……….

Reported: Detroit News, May 22, 2002……..
Red Wings fans traveling on westbond I-94 will be seeing red starting
this afternoon with the unveiling of a billboard sponsored by a Denver
radio station that’s sure to fan the flames of the NHL rivalry between
the Red Wings and Avalanche.

The 14-foot-by-48 foot sign reads:
Wasted octopi: $106
Year supply of Depends for Larionov, Hull, Chelios,& Yzerman:
Dominik Hasek’s salary: $8,000,000

As a public service, KBPI 106.7 includes a hotline number (303-713-ROCK)
so Wings fans can register their disfavor.

The best rivalry in sports. Face-off in 10 minutes.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Jim and I have bet a bottle of Grey Goose vodka on the outcome of the Western Conference finals. Although we’re agreed that no matter who wins the West, the East is going DOWN in the Stanley Cup series.


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