Intel Inside -- My Pants

The reliably Reasonable Ronald Bailey looks at the future — and he sees lots of engineering, both bio and nano. And no matter what Washington says, the accent is on bio.


Humans will, using mostly genetics and some nanotech, change and adapt our very beings. Deep stuff, but worth your time.

Nano boosters — like the Prof and myself — might be disappointed in what Bailey sees. But the the jury on the future is, as always, still out.

I won’t bother quoting anything, because you really need to read Bailey’s whole piece. Besides, the most interesting part isn’t anything Bailey wrote, it’s what he did. Everything in his story in linked. Everything. Had that same article appeared in the online edition of most any other magazine or newspaper, you would have had to Google to find any of the source materials.

Bailey has seen another part of the future, and it is blog.


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