Apologies In Advance to Doc Reynolds

The Professor has argued on a number of occassions that international law had better be made less silly, because it’s too important to be disregarded by serious people.


Well, Glenn’s a lawyer — of course he says that.

International law will always be a joke, because that’s what any law without police turns out to be. Serious people know that.

But serious people still love a good laugh. And today, just for us, G-town law professor Anthony Clark Arend explains that we can’t attack Iraq because it would be illegal.

No, really. It’s kinda funny.

Look, people jaywalk for three reasons:

1) It’s faster
2) They almost never get caught
3) If caught, the punishment is cheap

“Making the case” against Iraq will cost us time — time Saddam is using to build nukes, and prepare other nasty surprises.

Once Saddam is beaten, no one (not even Iraq) will complain.

If they did complain, what could be done about it? A UN force to kick us back out and put Saddam back in power? A French cheese embargo?

Right and might are both on our side in this case. Let’s use’em.


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