There There

Bush said a couple things about Arafat in the Rose Garden, but I’m not sure anyone heard.

What part of “a failure” and “should be replaced” do you Chicken Littles not understand?


I don’t mean to harsh on my readers here after you’ve had to go two days without, but I’m really confused. Did we watch the same speech, or did you read only the biased headlines?

With those words, Bush gave carte blanche to Israel to send Arafat packing. It was Colin goddamn Powell who arranged for Arafat’s impending exile to Morocco.

Yeah, he called for the Israelis to pull back — in a week, or when they get stuff sorted out. No real rush, you know. That’s not what the headlines read, but it’s what Bush said.

The sky is not falling. The war is not crumbling. It’s a gorgeous spring day, and I’m happy — and I’m gonna make you feel just as good, even if I have to pummel you into smiling.


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