The Sullivan Crusade The Ongoing

The Sullivan Crusade
The Ongoing Adventures of a Straight Man Trying to Get Noticed By a Powerful Gay Man

Instead of the usual jokes about sucking up for a mention, I’d instead like to ask a different favor.


Andrew, now that you’ve noticed and mentioned two of our best bloggers — Pejman and Asparagirl — you need to blogroll them on your Links page. It’s true that Pejman is as rabid a first-generation American as I ever hope to buy a drink for. And, yes, Asparagirl writes as well as any of the pros. I’m glad you’ve told the world what so many in the blogosphere already knew.

Pejman writes just as fast and much more furiously than even the Instantman. Asp can get words under the skin even better than you can — and that’s saying something.

So give them their due. Put them on your links page.

Thank you.


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