The Cats Voted to Bell

The Cats Voted to Bell the Mouse
No surprises here — the Arab League put out a formal statement condemning Israel, praising the barbarian Intifada, and giving Praise Unto Allah for being such a nasty fucker lately.


So I made up that last part. Sue me.

What does come as a surprise is reading this line in the Washington Times:

The absence of both [Mubarak and Arafat] came as a blow to summit efforts to address Israeli-Palestinian fighting.

What blows here is the writer taking seriously Arab League efforts to address the “fighting” at all. If the League had the Palestinian’s best interests at heart, they would tell them to lay down their arms and come to a workable peace agreement, pronto. But from Iraq to Morocco, the Palestinians are seen as useful idiots. Good for killing Jews and keeping a tiny semblance of cohesion in the Arab world.

The whole meeting was a sham designed for no purpose other than to hide those facts.


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