When All Else Fails, Lower

When All Else Fails, Lower Your Standards
Very Smart (and very connected) Reader Will Collier chimes in on Dan’s praise of the Royal Canadian Air Force:

While the USAF teams were required to complete AMRAAM shoots during their competitive missions–which, thanks to AMRAAM’s capabilities, were the most complex and difficult of all the Tell shots–the Canadians were allowed to skip that part of the competition without fault (and to be fair, this situation was not their “fault”, i.e. that their government prefers to equip Canadian flyers with obsolete junk like the 1950’s-vintage AIM-7 Sparrow).


In other words, yes, the Canadians won the competition–but they were allowed to skip the toughest part of the actual shooting. All in all, though, they’re a fine group of pilots, and fun to have around in the squadron bar at the end of the day…

Well, if Dan is any indication of Canadians, I have no doubts about their drinking abilities. Interesting to know, however, just how Ottawa-hamstrung their pilots are. I mean, AIM-7? Those things are rear-aspect only shots, aren’t they? (No jokes, please.)

I’m hoping to hear more from Mr. Collier, because he works F-22 ops support. I’m of the opinion that the Raptor is not much more than a gold-plated F-15, and that the real future lies in the F-35. I’m sure Will will respond to this challenge!


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