Tonight's Assignment David Warren has

Tonight’s Assignment
David Warren has posted another Essay.

He takes a harder look at last week’s column on what to do about Arafat. The key graf is way down towards the end:


The problem for the Bush administration, is that while it makes contingency plans for an unavoidable regime change in Iraq, it becomes increasingly aware that Saddam Hussein is no longer isolated; that there is a real risk the Americans could find themselves fighting, alongside Israel and Turkey, against all of their common enemies in the region, simultaneously. But given the constant development of weapons of mass destruction in each of these enemy states, and the constant stoking of Islamist fires, such a war might better be fought sooner than later.

I thought calling the Current Mess “World War IV” was a bit of cute hyperbole, designed to remind us that this Mess is no joke. Now I’m starting to think WWIV is no joke.

At what point in the fighting did they start calling it World War II? When the Germans invaded Russia? I really don’t know. If anyone does or finds out, please get back to me via email or the Drinks section.

I do know, however, that you need to read Warren right the hell now.


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