Today's Best of the Blogs

Today’s Best of the Blogs
Don’t tell Happy Fun Pundit’s Dan that he’s writing way above mere satire these days — we don’t want him to change anything. Here are a couple snippets from his latest, a piece on Canada’s armed forces.


Yes, they have some, and yes, they’re quite good. Read:

But mostly, Canada’s soldiers train interchangeably with Americans and participate in so many joint exercises that the difference between them comes down to a unit-by-unit comparison and not an overall quality advantage for one over the other. For instance, the Canadian team from William Tell ’94 is part of a joint Canadian/American NORAD squadron that is so closely integrated that they flew both flags together and the Americans and Canadians cheered each other on as if they were part of one team.

And you know what? We are.

I gave away the ending, but it was so good I just couldn’t help myself. But the rest is even better, so click over already and read it.


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