Then I Dare You To

Then I Dare You To Step Over This Line
Link via Drudge.
AP reports that China is refusing a routine Hong Kong port call by the USS Curtis Wilbur.

Our sailors have been drinking and whoring in Hong Kong at least since 1945, and probably before the War, too. A stopover there is no biggie. And with a name like “Curtis Wilbur,” if you guessed this isn’t some big, dangerous nuclear weapons-carrying warship, you’re right. She’s just a small Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.

So what the hell is China doing? Just trying to tweak our noses over Taiwan is all.

Here’s a little advice for the Butchers of Beijing: Guys, you can only stop the US Navy from sailing in when you’re at peace with us. In time of war, our Navy sails where it wants.