Coming Soon: Falafel Hut Get

Coming Soon: Falafel Hut
Get ready for more bloodshed.

Israel is planning to step up its actions against Palestinian “cities, towns, and refugee camps” if the current round of “peace” talks ends. Hell, I should have put quotes around “if.”


The good news? It will be mostly Palestinian blood hitting the streets. I swear to Whomever I’ve never entertained a racist thought in my life, but I am becoming anti-Arab in a way that I’m almost ashamed of.

But hey, if they’re willing to quit targeting women and children, I’d be willing to have happy thoughts about them for a change. Deal?

As I said last week, I’m about one or two atrocities away from wishing Israel would expel every single last Palestinian from the West Bank. And the other bit of land could be bulldozed and made into the Gaza Strip Mall.

NOTE: I’m reminded of an old Letterman Gag from Gulf War I. Under Top Ten Iraqi Jeapordy categories was “Sounds Like Shi’ite.”


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