Thank Kristof It's Friday This

Thank Kristof It’s Friday
This is a long post, but it’s light and airy and reads well and will iron your shirts for you while you sleep. If you want the lighter fare, scroll down. If you want to have some good laughs at the expense of a well-paid pundit, keep reading.


First, it was Chicks With Guns. Then it was homoerotic Swarthy Foreign Hotties With Guns. And then we got Swarthy Foreign Hotties With Guns and Cheap Hand Grenades.

Can Nicolas Kristof do it? Can he do the pundimpossible and capture the four-peat of unbelievable paid stupidity? Sports fans, let’s take a look at Kristof’s latest report from Yemen and find out.

At a roadside stand I picked up some cassette tapes of speeches by radical Muslim leaders.

Looking for writing tips?

Another declares: “Muslims must not follow the Christians and Jews. Anyone who follows them becomes one of them, and God says he will not accept anyone but Muslims.”

Well, they say pretty much the same thing at Baptist and Catholic services, right?

Then there’s a tape of radical songs, including: “I’ll make jihad against the pigs”


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