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We Get Letters
Very Smart Reader Lauren Coats writes in with this:

The fate of Neil Roberts has (along with other outrages) done something I never expected to see – driven a stake through the heart of internationalism in this country. UN relief workers sexually exploiting young girls, “allies” whining because we don’t respect them any more, UN “peacekeepers” helplessly watching the slaughter of thousands – it’s just too much. We finally realize that we can rely on nobody except, possibly, Britain. Our way of life, if not our existence, is threatened from within and without, and we’re not going down easily.


We’d like to be friends, whoever the country, but, if worst comes to worst, you too can become radioactive glass.

What Lauren has done is to perfectly synthesize the New Seriousness with the site’s blatant disregard for the norms of polite punditry.

Say it out loud with me, right there at your desk: “You too can become radioactive glass.”

Welcome aboard, Lauren. Hope you’ll also feel at home adding your comments to the “Drinks” section below each post.


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