The Robot Adlai Stevenson? Time

The Robot Adlai Stevenson?
Time writes up Al Gore, and his 2004 election desires. They let Gore recycle a joke from last year and call it “new,” but otherwise it seems a pretty honest assessment.


It’s difficult to find a Democrat in Washington who doesn’t say publicly that the nomination is Gore’s if he wants it. But it’s just as hard to find one who privately expresses any enthusiasm for the prospect.

And that, I think, just about sums up the nation’s view as a whole. Was anyone even really excited about Gore last time around, except as an extension of Clinton policies? The whole 2000 election rationale for Gore seemed to be “Just like Bill. But without the sleaze.”

9/11 showed where a Clinton foreign policy could lead, and the stock burst showed that a sizeable chunk of the Clinton economic expansion was illusory. Add the first and subtract the latter, and all you’re left with is the sleaze. And since Gore doesn’t even have that, he’s the Nothing Candidate.

Does that get you excited about 2004? Beleive it or not, it does me — the primary bloodletting is going to be vicious.


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