The Capital Of the UK

The Capital Of the UK Is Not Brussels
From The Times online edition. The Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher, says it’s time for the UK to start to withdraw from the EU, calling it “fundamentally unreformable.”


The former Prime Minister says in her new book, serialised in The Times, that most of the problems the world has faced, including Nazism and Marxism, have come from mainland Europe. Enoch Powell had been right when he gave warning in the 1970s that entry to the Common Market involved an unacceptable loss of sovereignty.

Ever watch British Parliament in session Sundays on C-SPAN? The Prime Minister facing every sort of hostile question on every subject imaginable, and doing so with charm and facts and wit — and barely a notebook. It’s a serious form of democracy in a format which demands high standards of its Ministers.

Now imagine that raw, rare form of democracy stripped of its meaning, and replaced with unelected, unaccountable, statist, stasist, bureaucrats in Brussels.

Thatcher is right.


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