VodkaPundit SIOP SIOP is one

VodkaPundit SIOP
SIOP is one of those nasty Pentagon acronyms, only this one is even nastier than it sounds. The Single Integrated Operating Plan is Big Book o’ Holocaust — it details every nuclear target for every contingency. Hell, there probably are plans in there for how to nuke in Germany should neo-Nazis ever gain power.


I don’t normally read NRO’s The Corner, but Kevin pointed out that I’m in it today — along with Sarge and Megan. Apparently, we’re nuke-mongers.

Here then, are the targets on the VodkaPundit SIOP:

Whichever fool failed to plan for a right turn lane on northbound Academy at Woodmen.
The RIAA in its entirety
PhD’s without an MD but insist on being called “Doctor.”
The Olsen Twins
Anyone asking “Where’s it at?”
Parents who keep their children on those retractable leashes
That fourth friggin’ dentist who won’t endorse Dentyne.
Jamie Lee Curtis, for failing to return my many phone calls in 1983.

Consider yourselves warned.


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