Silly Conspiracy Theories Redux Mikhail

Silly Conspiracy Theories Redux
Mikhail Gorbachev: Republican mole?

First, Gorby made sure the Red Team lost the Cold War by the simple act of not sending tanks into Leipzig or Prague in 1989. He then acquiesced to George Bush pere‘s attack on the USSR’s old ally, Iraq. When Boris Yeltsin — with no legal authority — announced the end of the Soviet Union in the fall of 2001, Gorbachev simply turned off the lights on his way out the Kremlin door.


Now, Ol’ Splotchy is attacking fellow pragmatic lefty Bill Clinton and praising right winger President George W. Bush. Coincidence? I wonder.

Back in the 1970s, George Sr. spent some time as Ambassador to Communist China and served a stint as CIA chief.

I ask you: What was Mikhail Gorbachev doing during those years? Did he spent time in Beijing? Were there secret meetings? I demand to see both their travel schedules from 1970-1979, inclusive.

Next question: How long before someone takes this seriously?


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