Saudi Arabia: The Next Palestine?

Saudi Arabia: The Next Palestine?
This is what happens when I have insomnia — I spend half the night attacking the same subject from every possible angle. If you’re sick of reading about Saudi, move on.

But I think this one is worth sticking around for.

Obviously, Saudi Arabia can’t go on like this. They take our money and our blood, and teach hatred of American and the West in return. Their young men make up some of al Qaeda’s most vicious and intelligent terrorists, and their oil money keeps the barbarians in arms.

We cannot continue to protect and fund our own destructors. But what will Saudi Arabia look like when it’s back to just “Arabia,” and I don’t mean the lines on the map; the problem is the people.

So let’s say we take Glenn Reynold’s excellent advice, and turn over the holy places of Mecca and Medina to the Hashemites of Jordan — a nice cure for Winston’s Hiccup. The Persian Gulf coast oil well orchards go to Kuwait and Qatar and the UAE, etc. The Empty Quarter will still be, well, empty.

But what about the people?

Not the 7,000 princes. We can arrange some sort of war crimes tribunal en masse before we shoot the worst of them and exile the rest to Switzerland. I mean the 15 million (and growing quickly) Bedouin tribesmen. These guys are your holy warriors, your fanatics, your Puritans-with-a-car-bomb.

They won’t rest kindly under “foreign” rule — not even the Turks completely subjugated them. They certainly won’t change their evil brand of Wahabbi Islam. And dividing up the country certainly won’t make them go away.

So will they become the Next Palestinians? Occupied, resentful, suicidal.

What do we do about the Bedouins?