Return of the Thing That

Return of the Thing That Would Not Die
The economy is rebounding nicely and the Afghanistan Phase of the War on Terror is seeing great success.

But President Bush is still managing to have an impressively awful week. Did I say awful? That’s not even close.


In the wake of a hypocritical, double-dealing, vote-buying, job-killing steel tariff hike, Bush now says he will sign the bloated, wasteful, pork barrel, red ink, completely unnecessary “stimulus package” just passed by Congress.

Look, the economy is creating jobs, the recession ended four or five months ago, interest rates are still low — why the hell do we need an extra 40 billion bucks in Federal spending on bike trails and slabs of concrete with “Robert C. Byrd” etched on them?

Craven vote-buying, kids. I might just vote Democratic for Congress this fall. I mean, if they actually bother to run in my district. They tend to get tarred and feathered here.



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