Tom Clancy Drool Fest Part

Tom Clancy Drool Fest Part V
Back in ’93-’94, I was working for Time-Life in San Francisco’s Shaklee Terrace. Very cool office, with a helluva view. We faced west, and could see Marin and the Golden Gate to the right, the Avenues and a sliver of the Pacific dead ahead, and Potrero Hill and the Warehouse District to the left. Gorgeous scene, and I took advantage of it every day. From the 30th floor, you can’t smell the bums.


Anyway, one morning I saw a ship coming under the bridge and into the Bay. Some black, angular thing that looked like… I didn’t know what the hell it looked like. Maybe a waterlogged F-117A with a screw in the back. I went home and checked the papers and TV, but came up with squat. My 486 Compaq had a 2,400 baud modem, but I had no Internet connection, and didn’t get one for another year — by which time I’d forgotten about it. So I never did find out what the hell that ship thing was.

Until just now.


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