Not Every Movie Is Rated

Not Every Movie Is Rated G
Reuters (Motto: “One Man’s International News Agency Is Another Man’s Oozing Sore”) reports that a 9/11 victim’s group is asking that CBS not air the more graphic footage captured by a French film crew at the Twin Towers just before the collapse. CBS plans to air a special based partly on the footage March 10.


I’m of mixed feelings about this. I’m not sure I want to see anything quite that brutal — but I also don’t think my feelings (and they are just feelings) should deny to others what should prove to be a powerful viewing experience. Also, I’m damn sure we’re grown up enough as a nation to do so. This isn’t the Daniel Pearl video, which primarily effects only his widow, and which can only provide some sick voyeuristic thrill. The horrors of 9/11 are national horrors that drew us all into war.

I feel for the families. But I can’t argue that their feelings should count any more than anyone else’s. Only facts matter, and those should be in plain television view come March 10.

Your thoughts?


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