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Not a Job With a

Not a Job With a Good Severance Package, Unless You Meant a Severed Head

Eqyptian President Hosni Mubarak is poo-pooing the Saudi "peace plan" for the Middle East. For those with bad memories or strong yawn reflexes, Crown Prince Abdullah's Big Idea was for Israel to pull back to its near-indefensible 1967 borders and to pretend the last 35 years never happened, in exchange for vague Arab promises of somethingorother.

But I doubt Mubarak is dismissing the plan because he knows it can't or won't work. You don't stay in power long in a country like Egypt without having a strong sense of how policies will play out politically at home. I think Mubarak knows that his people are frustrated with the "Cold Peace" they already have with Israel, and any further overtures could find him out of a job.