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Just Insanity In any culture

Just Insanity

In any culture with too many young men with access to neither jobs nor women, I can understand why a certain number will blow themselves up and take out a pizza joint with them. Add in the age-old sport of slaughtering Jews, and that explains a lot of what goes on in the Middle East.

But what kind of a sick excuse for a culture sends out its women to do such idiocy? I'm no sexist, but any culture not at least minimally protective of women and children is ultimately self-genocidal.

As I tried to explore a couple posts ago, there's something very, very wrong and very, very sick at the heart of Arab culture. Either they root it out themselves as I'm sure they're able, we root it out for them as I damn well know we're able, or eventually the whole damn planet gets blown up.

I only wish I were exaggerating. Now it's time to rub the cat's belly, listen to some purrs, and feel better for a few minutes.