SorkinWatch Evening Edition Our spy's

SorkinWatch Evening Edition
Our spy’s notebook contains the following entries:
5:15pm Munchies strike. Early dinner of Stouffer’s Five-Cheese Lasagna, eaten with spoon.
5:31pm Turns on CBS News on kitchen TV. (We figured he’d watch Rather)
5:33pm Talking at TV, calls Bush an “asshole.” Still, no traitorous reamarks.
6:00pm Turns off TV, plots overthrow of all existing order.
(Sorry, we made up that last one just to spike things up a bit)
6:14pm Tells telemarketer to screw off.
6:48pm Finished doing dishes, takes a hit and then takes nap
8:25pm Hits snooze alarm and misses premiere of Watching Ellie


Once again, readers, we’ll keep you informed of all the amazing activites in the average day of a high-powered TV executive!


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