The They Still Don't Get

The They Still Don’t Get It Department
I may be late finding this one, but here it is. Bill Gertz reports that China shipped off yet another collection of missiles to Iran. This time they got a nice little boat load of naval anti-air missiles. An old college buddy of mine flies F-18s for the Navy. His life just got a little bit cheaper, thanks to Iran’s terrorism and China’s complicity.


What part of “with us or against us” do the tyrants in Beijing not understand? If they’re that hard up for money, they can always sell us more pocket calculators or household tools and whatever else it is they’re making these days — we’ll buy them gladly.

But how long do they think the dollar tap will stay open, when they continue to arm those who would do us harm? Forget what Washington might do, Mr. Jiang, and think of what the US consumer might do. We are the lifeblood of your regime. Without our dollars, you can’t prop up your debt-riddled banks or stave off the bankruptcy of your state-owned enterprises.

Without us, you are a blot on the sidewalk under the feet of an angry mob.

This is not a threat; our government has nothing to do with how many of your trinkets we buy. But we are united and we are pissed and we will defend our interests.

Now put your little missiles back in your pants where they belong.


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