Heterodoxy Reigns at VodkaPundit Rich

Heterodoxy Reigns at VodkaPundit
Rich Lowry makes the point on today’s NRO that Shays-Meehan will mostly harm the two main political parties, by legally forcing donations away from Dems and Reps and towards advocacy groups like the NRA and the NEA.


That’s a bad thing, kids.

Having two main parties is generally good for freedom. Since splinter groups (such as my love them/hate them Libertarians) don’t have a chance in our system, forcing big coalitions. Big coalitions mean I have to get along sometimes with Christian conservatives. And that means that the Republican party is too splintered to do anything much against abortion or in favor of churches. And with the Democrats, the Greens and DLC are forced to get along, preventing either of them from going too far.

Freedom is protected by governmental intertia. Not always, not perfectly, but usually and generally. So when we harm parties and support smaller groups, we discourage that big-tent non-ideology which keeps all the factions in line. And so CFR would encourage the sort of parliamentary-style mess you see in Italy and Japan.

Shays-Meehan is bad in all sorts of ways I hadn’t thought of yet.


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