Thanks, Kids Yesterday was a

Thanks, Kids
Yesterday was a record-setting day for total page views, and today more individual readers visited VodkaPundit than ever before. After just seven weeks, we’re on track for 18,000 hits for February. I know that’s a mere fraction of what the big kids score in a single day, but you’ve all found your way here without a single mention, much less a link, from Andrew, Glenn, Virginia, Tim, or James.


I figure that means I must be doing something right — or at least entertaining. I’d like to think I amuse, but it’s my hope that we’re making each other think a little more, or at least a little harder. And I wouldn’t be doing it without all the great responses in your emails and the “drinks” discussion areas that Seki set up for us here.

Tomorrow is Friday — let’s shake some people up.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon. Turns out we set records today for both total hits and unique visitors. Wow.


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