If You Outlaw Education, Only

If You Outlaw Education, Only Outlaws will… oh, Never Mind
Good news is, it’s nice to help out family — I really don’t mind pitching in at the store. Bad news is, we have an important Supreme Court hearing today, and I have no CNN, Fox, MSNBC, anything here. So if anyone hears anything interesting about the questioning in the school vouchers case, click on the “drinks” below this post and tell me.

I’m a Jeffersonian libertarian, so I support public education — I don’t think you can have a functioning republic for very long without it. I’m the product of a mix of public and private schools, and can’t deny there are serious problems in need of serious attention seriously soon at our public schools.

But I have mixed feelings about vouchers. I don’t worry that public schools will lose money — they don’t and won’t. I don’t worry that public schools will lose support — the ones who deserve it are already held in contempt. I worry about our private schools under vouchers. He who pays the Danegeld…

What government financing doesn’t eventually come with strings?

If vouchers become widespread, how long before the US Department of Education has effective control of our private schools, too, and does to them what it’s helped to do to our public schools?

I shudder at the thought, and so should you.

Anyway, will someone please keep me up-to-date on today’s case?