The Awful Pat Benetar Reference

The Awful Pat Benetar Reference Doesn’t Come Until the Very End
I write a thoughtful critique on the near-bankruptcy of Japan, Inc., but the best responses from you today are all about beer and vodka. You even ignored the male sexuality post and my big thumbs up for teen sex. (OK, Kevin Holtsberry didn’t ignore the teen sex, but he never seems to.) But back to the subject, if I ever had one.


Oh, yes — vodka.

Marc Webster wrote back, this time with a few cocktail suggestions of his own — some potent political mixes. I’m just going to quote Marc at length:

I thought cocktails in honor of the blogosphere’s favorite people could be cool.


The Fisk:
3 oz. rotgut Vodka (McCormick’s?), 1 oz beer, dash of tabasco sauce.
Disgusting, and a few of them leave you feeling like you’ve been set upon by
an unruly mob. Also, like with the real Fisk, if someone likes them, you
can bet they wouldn’t be a good drinking partner.

The Vedrine:
Nothing, just complain to the bartender that everything he stocks is too
“simple” and lacking in nuance or sophistication.

The Herold:
2 Oz. Smirnoff, passed off as Stolichnaya Gold, Grey Goose, etc. You can
talk all you want about how its rigorously filtered, cross-checked for
quality, etc., but you’re still guilty of hyperbole/wishful thinking.


I don’t know…I’ve had a few shots of vodka tonight, so this may seem
incredibly stupid in a few hours.

Brilliant, Marc! Keep drinking and maybe you’ll think up a few more. Meantime, I’ll ask VodkaPundit readers to suggest their own political drinks. Here’s one of mine:

The Glenn Reynolds:
A large shot of coffee spiked with Jolt, espresso, and just enough Stoli to keep hands steady for 24-hour blogging.

OK, kids — your turn. Hit me with your best shot.



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