Letters, We Get Letters Very

Letters, We Get Letters
Very Smart Reader Marc Webster writes in:

I can’t speculate as to how many of your posts are lubricated in this way [with vodka], but I do thank you for not offering up wishy-washy, caveat-laden posts scientifically designed to offend exactly no one.

You’re welcome, Marc. And thank you for some of the kindest words ever said for an offensive site.

Then Marc asks: “But there is a problem: where’s the vodka?” [Emphasis mine]

Where is the vodka, indeed. OK, here’s how I drink my various lubricants.

VodkaPundit martini. Remove bottle of Stoli and five-ounce martini glass from freezer. Pour former into latter. Salud.
Summer version: Replace Stoli with Absolut Mandarin.
The David Special: Replace Absolut Mandarin with Absolut Citron. Repeat until walking like Frankenstein’s monster.
The Melissa: Four parts Coke & ice to one part Stoli Vanil. Now shake that thing.
The Ouch: X shots of Kettle One, out of iced Russian-style heavy shot glasses. Chase with Fat Tire, if needed. You’ll figure out the name in the morning.

So what’s your poison?

UPDATE: For the uninitiated, Fat Tire is a Belgian-style amber brewed in Ft. Collins, CO. From its early days of achingly limited availability, you can now get it as far away as Rolla, MO. Maybe farther now, for all I know. Look for it.