That Goes Double for the

That Goes Double for the Belgians
The New York Times reports that some of our NATO “allies” have actually offered to act like allies, and help us should we feel the “need” to use force against Saddam Hussein.

And what, pray tell, could Europe offer us?

Perhaps France might offer us the use of one of their miniature armored “divisions” (about the same size and far less powerful than one regiment of US armored cavalry). Thanks, France — I guess we’ll have to provide the transport to get it there. And the food. And pretty much all the logistics, since you’ve abandoned your military like you abandoned the Ardennes.

Maybe the Germans could offer us some help. For instance, they could stop harping on our foreign policy and start explaining the last “regime change” they tried in Iraq — a pro-Nazi coup in 1941. In any case, post-war German logistic ability and expeditionary experience are (happily) even less than those of France.

The Italians? If we somehow get routed by Saddam, perhaps they could offer us some sound advice on how to sound a retreat.

Other than the Brits and the Turks — the only two NATO allies we can count on — the best thing our eurofriends can do to help is just to shut the hell up already.