With Apologies in Advance to

With Apologies in Advance to Rod Dreher
Former Vice President and Presidential “candidate” Al Gore emerged from his hole yesterday, didn’t see his shadow, and started making foreign policy noises.


“As far as I’m concerned, there really is something to be said for occasionally putting diplomacy aside and laying one’s cards on the table. There is value in calling evil by its name,” Gore told a Council on Foreign Relations audience Tuesday night in New York. Gore then added, “Did I mention that I, too, voted for Bush in 2000? I’m glad to call him my Alpha Male, and it was I who coined that whole ‘axis of evil’ line for his big speech.”

Gore chided the Bush team for its relationship to NATO countries, saying that America shows “impatience and disdain” for their views and military capabilities. “Really, shouldn’t we wait until Germany and France and Italy develop their own high-tech weapons, then give them a chance to develop the proper training and doctrine for them, before brashly going off and fighting without them and the valuable carping they could contribute?” Gore further explained that with the Germans along, we’d have to pay more attention to environmental concerns, like protecting the forests of Afghanistan from stray bombs.

“I told you already I voted for Bush, right?”


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