James Taranto Apes VodkaPundit! This

James Taranto Apes VodkaPundit!
This just in from today’s Best of the Web:

Osama bin Jafar Faqih, the Saudi trade minister, is siding with Iran’s mad mullahs against America. “Not only do the threats of Bush against Iran not damage relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but they strengthen ties between the two countries,” Agence France-Presse quotes Faqih as saying. It’s not surprising that Saudi Arabia would side with the Iranian tyrants; a free Iran across the Persian Gulf would make the repressive Saudi regime look that much worse by comparison.


Now, let’s compare that to one of my recent posts:

Iran’s population is at the simmer level of another revolution. You’ve read the stories of the pro-freedom (pro-American, even!) soccer riots. You know about all the secret satilite dishes so they can watch our TV. Their population is young, so young most don’t remember the Shah now. Oh, and beleive it or not, Iranians do have experience with democracy….

…wouldn’t it be better for Iraq’s Shiites to be looking to a democratic Iran, if the country can’t be kept intact? Wouldn’t it be easier for us to have Iranians we can lean on first, now that we can’t trust the Saudis?”

If you search through the archives, you can find several references to my “First Iran, Then Iraq” proposal, going all the way back to my second post.

Advantage: VodkaPundit!


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